Sunday, 28 February 2016


Hello bloggers! 

Have you ever heard about "Pinterest"? It is a great free social network where you can find many resources about whatever you can imagine! Not only about education or materials for the classroom, but also recipes, health and more things. It's very interesting, isn't it? 

My next challenge had to do with that. Me and my classmates (with our teacher too) share a bank of common knowledge in Pinterest. Our teacher created a common board using Pinterest, in which each of us posted six resources that we found useful for our career. We had to take into account that all these resources were free and without copyright. As you can see, that is also related with the previous post! 
What I liked the most about that it is that thanks to that, we gather all our ideas in a same place which is useful for us as teachers, not only now to increase our ideas, but also to carry them in our future with our own students. According to what I said about the copyright, this activity also made me aware of the importance that it has, and the necessity of checking the licence of all materials we share! Sometimes we do not realise the importance it has, but every work has an owner, and we should respect that as we want them to respect our work. 

These are the resources that I chose. You only have to click on the title to see them: 

Learning about mixtures and solutions using easy experiments, because the best way to learn something is by doing it!

Working with projects in Science about animals in danger! It is a great idea to link both Arts&Crafts with Science while learning at the same time. By: Raquel Diez Alonso.

Free resources, information and examples of CLIL approach to carry out with our students.

Halloween time… here is an example of learning about culture and art at the same time! By: Raquel Diez Alonso.

Breakfast-learning time! With this idea we can learn about fractions in a funny and visual way while having breakfast. This webiste (Pircs4Learning) provides a safe and free digital library for education where you can find many pictures, photos, videos or projects to carry out with your students.

Model making: solar system made up of fruit. This way we can reach a meaningful learning using such a funny, visual and healthy idea. Moreover, it can be linked to Science and the healthy diet or the food pyramid. By: Raquel Diez Alonso.

Nice blog with CLIL resources where you can find many ideas, activities and tips to create a suitable CLIL lesson in your classroom to teach the water cycle.

I hope these resources are useful for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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