Thursday, 17 March 2016

My CLIL e-Project Prototype

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Here is my new challenge! We are creating a CLIL e-Project, and here you have my prototype. After thinking about a suitable topic for my e-Project, I finally chose “The parts of the body” since it is a topic learnt during the whole Primary Education, and it would be useful for my future as a teacher.
You can find the prototype of my e-Project in the following link in Google Docs, where I explain my unit, objectives, outcomes, resources, tasks…
The link is:

My outline is based on the template that María Jesús (our teacher) gave to us. I used it in order to avoid missing any part.
In order to do my clip to present my prototype I used the tool called Powtoon. After having a look to the other tools, I finally chose this one because it is very visual and it offers many possibilities. You can add sounds, videos, pictures, and even your own ones! Thanks to that you can create a complete personalised presentation according to your interests. Moreover it is also possible to add characters, making the presentation more interactive, which allows to catch better our attention. Here you have the link to my presentation:

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