Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creating an InfoEduGraphic!

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Here I am again with a new challenge: creating an InfoEduGraphic.

In order to design this digital artifact we worked in groups. We had not had the chance of working in groups before in this subject, and I want to say that this was a great idea despite having some difficulties such as the need to get an agreement, arrange our free time to meet... Some of these difficulties were overcome because each member of the group has a role, so as to do the best of us.
The fact of working in groups allows us to share ideas, see different points of view and learn from each other. Thanks to that we also realised the importance of responsibility and respect, which are basic values for our life.

Our teacher made the groups according to the topic of our CLIL e-project, and we (Natalia, Celia, Patricia and I) were allocated in the group called “Natural Science: body” since all of us had a topic related with that. Here we had to find the first arrangement as our CLIL e-projects’ topics were similar, but not the same. Natalia and Celia focused more on the senses; meanwhile Patricia and I dealt with the body parts.

In order to create our common e-project we decided to mix all of them (tasks, topics and outcomes) and finally made the one called “The body and the senses”, in which our third graders will have to connect both the body parts and the senses.
Once we had clear our e-project, it was the time to think about including it in InfoGraphic format. At first, we did not know what that was, so we had to figure it out. Do you know what is it? Infographics are visual representations of information (data, knowledge, contents…). If you want to learn more about them, just click here.
After that, we had to think about how to create a visual and engaging Infographic in order to present our collaborative e-project. The main goal of it is to provide our pupils with a visual support for the main task they have to do, in order to ease the understanding to achieve all the learning outcomes arranged.
Then next step was to create the Infographic. After considering many options, we finally decided to design it with the web tool called Piktochart because we believed that it is a great e-tool which allows us to create engaging InfoGraphics in order to present projects and other kinds of visual presentations. Moreover, it offers many features, backgrounds, icons, pictures and templates to personalise our work as the customization is much nicer and it provides a dynamic experience rather than using traditional resources. Furthermore, it is possible to upload your own images, video, maps and modify them. From our point of view, Piktochart is a great free resource, available online so everybody can use it only by signing up - freely, too. For these reasons, we highly recommend it due to its simplicity and usefulness not only for teachers, but also for students. It is a good way to include ICT skills in school lessons.

What’s more, we had the chance to participate in a nationwide collaborative project thanks to InfoEduGraphics. We sent our collaborative e-project to infoEDUgrafĂ­as in order to publish it in their blog. They gave us an award for having participated in this great project! 

If your click here you can find our InfoGraphic about the body and the senses, and also, in the following link:

I hope you like it!

If you have any questions, please, let me know. I will be delighted to help you.


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