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Double mission: planning and recording a video challenge!

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Do you want to see our next challenge? Here it is!

Now we were asked to plan and create a video challenge for our collaborative CLIL e-project.

Again, as in the previous challenge, this was a teamwork, and we worked in the same group as we did before keeping also the same roles: Natalia, Celia, Patricia and I.

The first part of the challenge consisted of creating a storyboard for the video challenge (which was the second part of the mission) to include in our CLIL e-project.
As we were not sure about storyboards, we looked for some examples to clarify the concept. Thanks to that we realised that a storyboard consisted of drawings and notes in frames that represent a scene in our future video challenge. So it was a kind of “draft” for our video.

The next step was to choose the suitable tool for creating the storyboard. Among many possibilities such as Storyboard Generator, Storyboard Template for Google Drive, Storyboard Maker free Android app, we finally chose Storyboard That. You may ask why, right? Well, here I will explain our decision. The first think we liked was the huge range of possibilities that it provides: you can choose many different images, scenes, backgrounds, texts… It offers the option to develop your story in a school (as we did in our storyboard), outdoors, in castle… About the characters used, it is also possible to pesonalise them according to your needs. The only thing that it does not allow you to include sounds, and that would be nice to make the comic more interactive from our point of view. What I want to say is that you can choose, for example, their physical appearance and their face expression, but not the voice. Anyway, thanks to that you have the opportunity to use this app in order to reach many goals, since you can customise the story for your own aims. Furthermore, I find it very interesting to use with our students since it is very visual and original. Moreover, it can also be used for them to create their own stories related with a subject, task… since this web tool is not difficult at all to use. With it, they are dealing with communicative and writing skills in a different way as they are used to do it, practicing ICT at the same time, and that will be motivating!

If you click here you can find our storyboard, and also in the following link:

Made with Storyboard That

Once we finished the storyboard, we moved on to the second part of the mission: recording a video challenge based on the storyboard we made.

It was not difficult to start with it as our comic was a kind of “draft” of our video, so we knew more or less the outline of our video. As we did in our storyboard, we recorded the video in a classroom. In order to make it more engaging, we pretended being students carrying our e-project out. Our proposal, as you can see in our video challenge if you click here, is that children create a poster about the body and the senses using the web tool Canva. In the video we also explain the steps they have to follow to reach the final outcome and the way we will assess the task.

In order to record the clip, we used an smartphone, and then we edited it with Movie Maker (you can get it just clicking here). From our point of view, Movie Maker is a great free resource (in Windows) to edit and create your own videos: it offers the possibility to add videos, pictures, music, sounds... Moreover, in our opinion this app is very easy to use because you can see all the features the tool offers at a first sight and it is very intuitive. Another advantage is that you can also use it without Internet connection. However, we consider that the main problem about this tool is that users from other computer systems (as Linux or Mac) may face more problems to use it; since they might not find the chance to download it or they may pay for it as the tool cannot have all the features included in the Windows version.
I would like to say that I often used this tool for some of the lesson I have carried out during my internship in order to present new contents, clarify some ideas… Children love it since the explanations were very neat and visual. I also included videos and images of real examples, and also pictures of the children, making the learning more personalised. Thanks to that children were engaged to the explanation. Movie Maker makes possible to use it in many different ways in your classroom.

There you have our final video, just click here or visit the link:

Moreover, both, our storyboard and the video challenge are going to be part of a nationwide educational collaborative project called The ESL Times (click here to know more about the project), which is very exciting! Our ideas are published in their blog! I believe that it is a great idea to include the use of ICT in our classrooms, making it motivating and meaningful, since all the tasks have a real purpose. Furthermore, ESL gave us an award for having participated in this collaborative project with them!

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