Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creating a collaborative slideshow that supports learners!

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I would like to present you our last group mission. In this case, we created a collaborative slideshow about a CLIL aim related with our common e-project that supports learners. How did we do that? Keep reading!

As you know, Natalia, Celia, Patricia and I created a common CLIL e-project about the body and the senses (click here to refresh the memory).
In our project, pupils have to create a poster about the body and the senses using Canva. For this reason, we decided to create a tutorial for our children in order to explain how to use Canva, because they might need help with it.

We all agreed to use the web tool “” to create our tutorial because is a free online tool which allows you to make original presentations. We would recommend it as it provides lots of images, frames and templates to create them. In addition, allows you to link many other sources such as YouTube or Soundcloud as well as including your own images, which is great. There are many templates available which are attractive and useful depending on the topic you are going to work with. However, we found a drawback the fact that you need Internet connection if you want to change or show your creation, although you can download it. But, in general terms, we believe that it is a great resource to be introduced in our classroom both for teachers and students. For all these reasons we will highly recommend it!

Here you can find our tutorial, and also in the following link:

What's more, this is going to be part of the "AporTICs" nationwide collaborative project, which means that our artifact will be posted in their blog! Do you want to know more about the project? Click here or on the picture to get all the information! 

They even gave us an award for having participated! Here it is:

Related with the challenge we were asked for, I would like to say that I found it very interesting and useful. When I do not know how to use a tool, web tool or whatever, I always try to look for tutorials in order to clarify my doubts. So now, it was my turn to create one so as to help others, my pupils in this case. Thanks to that I realised the importance and usefulness of tutorials that we, as teachers, should take into account when introducing new tools to our students. They can even create them! This way we will be dealing with ICT and peer teaching-learning at the same time.

If you have any question, please, contact us! 

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