Monday, 18 April 2016

A sweet CLIL discussion: our chocotalk!

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Today I am so proud of showing you a great summary of our new challenge: a chocotalk. Do you know what is it? After reading this blog you will know it! You can also click here to know everything about chocotalks.

Two weeks ago, the 7th of April, my classmates and I did a chocotalk about “How CLIL can contribute to having happier bilingual learners”. In order to do that, we worked in groups: I was in the same as in the previous challenges described, with Patricia, Celia, and Natalia.

Each of us had a specific role in this mission:
  • Patricia was the speaker in the chocotalk, giving opinions and proposals about the topics that appeared during the talk.
  • Natalia was the “content curator”, responsible for writing a summary about the chocotalk, including the most important topics and ideas said in it.
  • Celia and I were the “disseminators”. We had to pay attention to the chocotalk and write tweets about it in order to spread the word! We used the hashtags #chococharlas and #ictclil_urjc. So if you want to read something about our chocotalk, have a look at them!

The first thing we did in order to prepare our chocotalk was to find out about it. I have never heard about chocotalks, neither my classmates… So we read in “Tertulias con sabor a chocolate everything we had to know about this new challenge.

After that, we made a draft about what Patricia (our speaker) would say during the chocotalk: the topics were related with CLIL, motivation, ideas for planning good lessons…

Then, during the chocotalk each of us did our role (the ones explained above). Personally, being a disseminator was quite hard and funny at the same time as I had to pay attention not only to the chocotalk to write tweets about them, but also to other people who were commenting about our chocotalk in order to answer their doubts or questions about it. The fact of seeing that other people (not only our classmates) were also interested in us (in our ideas, projects, proposals…) was rewarding. Thanks to this role, we made the chocotalk more interactive and participative since when there was a question about the topic that the speakers were dealing with, we had to ask it to them.   

Finally, to end up this new mission our team created a great and complete summary of the chocotalk using “Storify”. You can see it if you click here.

I would like to say that I did not know about this tool, Storify. I think it is very useful because it allows you to summarise everything which was said in Twitter and other social networks related to a specific topic (or more than one) in a very visual way. Its easy makes Storify a suitable tool that may be introduced in our classroom, dealing with ICT and learning new web tools.
About the challenge, I believe that it was a very interesting task that involved all the students: the fact of having specific roles ensure full participation, which was great. We all had fun at the same time we learnt new things: the use of new tools and the experience of having participated in a chocotalk!

If you want to watch the complete chocotalk, click hereor on the following video:

Thanks for reading! I am looking forward to hearing from you about this new challenge!


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